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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a procedure used in cosmetology to prevent and treat various kinds of cosmetic problems. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent with a disinfecting effect, which is why it is widely used in medicine and to disinfect air and water. Due to its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, ozone is very successful in cosmetology. For cosmetic purposes, ozone obtained using an ozonizer is used. The ozonizer provides the exact and necessary amount of ozone in the composition of the oxygen-ozone mixture.

The installation consists of an ozone-resistant material with hermetic parts. The device also has a special filter that purifies oxygen. This is necessary for safe use. The quality of the ozonator installation is confirmed by the CE certificate. Ozone is an unstable gas, so the mixture for the procedure should be prepared no later than 30 minutes before the start of ozone therapy.

Scientists have long appreciated the unique capabilities of ozone. Since ancient times, medicine has used it as an antiseptic. The active form of oxygen is able to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. It cleanses the body of toxins, restores blood circulation. Given all the useful and important properties of ozone, a unique technique for the prevention and treatment of various diseases - ozone therapy has been developed.

Ozone therapy is a universal treatment method. Ozone helps stimulate the process of tissue regeneration, speeds up metabolism, boosts immunity and enhances the recovery process.

Types of Ozone Therapy

In cosmetology, this procedure includes many wellness treatments, one of which is an injection of an oxygen-ozone mixture. By the method of "introducing" ozone into the human body, procedures can be divided into local and systemic. When skin diseases are used: subcutaneous injection of the mixture, applying the solution to the skin, rubbing into the skin, ozone baths.

In case of acne, the beautician must inject oxygen-ozone mixture into the inflamed areas of the skin. The amount of these injections depends on the complexity of the inflammation. The course usually consists of 5 procedures that should be performed every 5 days. It is worth noting that such injections are completely painless.

All acne, acne and other inflammations begin to disappear within a day after ozone therapy. In addition, the swelling and size of the inflammation decreases. If we compare this procedure with others, then we can say that ozone therapy can reduce the treatment time by several times.

This procedure is very popular for skin rejuvenation. Ozone therapy saturates the skin with oxygen, the vital processes of cells begin to be stimulated, and the tissues are rejuvenated. A cosmetologist introduces a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the place where wrinkles and signs of skin fading appear. As a result, all wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes quite elastic, blood supply is stimulated, subcutaneous tissue is renewed, and swelling disappears. A noticeable difference between ozone therapy and other equally useful and necessary procedures is its double effect. After all, the treatment takes place not only outside, but inside. A healthy body, strong immunity, well-being and appearance are the result of ozone therapy.

In addition, the procedure can get rid of problems with cellulite and obesity. It is known that cellulite is the result of malfunctioning of the endocrine system, a deficiency of muscle tone and excess fat. Ozone therapy promotes the resorption of fibrous membranes, the process of burning fat, microcirculation of blood, the permeability of oxygen in the tissues. You can get rid of cellulite with the help of several procedures of subcutaneous injection of ozone. Cellulite will disappear, the skin will become elastic and smooth, will get a healthy look. Stable results will be noticeable during ozone therapy 2-3 times a year.

It is worth noting that only a qualified doctor can prescribe a procedure. There are no special restrictions and prohibitions during the event. If the technique is performed in accordance with all the rules, then there should be no side effects. Without certain skills and knowledge, treatment is strictly prohibited.

To achieve a more lasting effect, you can combine the oznotherapy with other procedures. This may be a massage or other methods that involve healing the body.

Indications for use

This procedure can be assigned in the following cases:

  1. If a person has an infectious or viral skin disease. For example, herpes, eczema. The disinfecting and regenerating effect of ozone can destroy all bacteria and restore tissue.
  2. Skin fungus Ozone can inhibit the activity of harmful fungi and increase the protective property of the skin.
  3. Ozone destroys purulent bacteria, removes inflammation and accelerates the regeneration of the skin in the affected area, so you can get rid of furunculosis and other acne in the shortest possible time.
  4. If there are noticeable signs of skin aging: an unusual complexion, the appearance of wrinkles. Ozone saturates the cells with oxygen, helping to smooth wrinkles and even out complexion.
  5. Double chin. Ozone tends to break down fats and reduce the volume of fat cells.
  6. Kuperoz. Ozone increases the microcirculation of the skin, due to which there is an expansion of blood vessels and resorption of spider veins.


Like many other procedures, ozone therapy has its contraindications. It is important to carefully read this list, as among these prohibitions can be quite serious. In addition, it is important to consult a doctor and undergo all the required studies before starting the procedure. One of the most common contraindications for use is an allergic reaction to ozone and other components used in ozone therapy. In addition, you should not decide on the procedure for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, cancer, thrombocytopenia and hyperthyroidism.

Ozone Therapy Procedure

Ozone therapy can be carried out in various forms. Each depends on specific indications and has a different specificity and result.

Intravenous drip infusions are used most often for general recovery. The body is saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen, thereby improving the complexion, condition of the skin and hair. Often, such procedures can be prescribed with a tendency to the appearance of blood clots. The dropper itself consists of an ozonated solution. Experts say that the effect is similar to the effect of a holiday in the mountains. In fact, the procedure lasts about 20 minutes, after which a special dressing is applied to the puncture site, which should not be removed for 10 minutes. The course of treatment most often makes 10 droppers with a frequency of 1 every 2 days. It is worth noting that you should not carry out the procedure during menstruation or with cuts, since the stimulation of blood circulation can cause bleeding. Small dizziness may also appear, but there is nothing to worry about, this is a consequence of oxygen saturation of the body.

Subcutaneous injections are often used for body shaping and weight control. In this way, you can treat the buttocks, stomach and hips. Pure ozone is introduced into the problem area. The number of injections can be from 5 to 20, it depends on the existing problem. The procedure should be completed with a massage so that the injected mixture could evenly distribute under the skin.

Intradermal injections are applicable when dealing with loose skin. This type of ozone therapy can be used not only for problems with the skin of the body (hips, buttocks), but also for the face. Ozone stimulates the production of collagen, due to which you can tighten the oval of the face. Using this method, you can get rid of small wrinkles and correct facial wrinkles. The result will be noticeable throughout the year. To do this, you must complete a course consisting of 5-10 procedures, a break between which is 5-7 days. The ozone therapy procedure should be completed with a massage. It is worth noting that this species is quite painful, and the treated areas after the procedure will be significantly increased.

There is also a non-injection method - ozonide. This substance is applied to the face, neck, décolleté, hands and buttocks. With this procedure, you can improve the condition of the skin and get rid of small wrinkles. Ozonide is also effective in combating subcutaneous mites, fungal diseases and purulent lesions. In addition, quality oils can be added to ozone for better effect. The procedure should be carried out at least 10 times for 1 course.

Ozone therapy is a method that has been successfully used in medicine and cosmetology for many years. Ozone has a positive effect on the body and can solve many problems. In addition, such a procedure is an excellent option for preparing the skin for peeling. Despite the many advantages, it is important not to forget about the existing contraindications and be sure to consult a specialist before starting the application of the procedure. It is important to choose the right form of ozone use and get the most out of it.

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